A Slack Rope

I travel from place to place. I settle for a while. I am settled, for the moment. I think about...

digital collage figure in seascape combined with text


‘Sometimes’ is a digital collage combining various drawings and paintings by Brigit, a monoprint by Jean-Louis and flash fiction by...

linocut scene of figures in wood


Daylight lingered around the wood, as if kept in place by a spell, but between the trees the light quickly...

painting of people in a park

The Park

I’m not going home tonight, I’m having too much fun. The park is full of people and I almost feel...

art studio renovation

The Studio

An impression of work started in 1994 on the old cottage which became our studio.

drawing group of figures

April Studies

A series of studies that take old life-drawing sketches as a starting point. I add lines over the sketches and...