Barely Casting a Shadow

Reflex Fiction is a quarterly international flash fiction competition for stories between 180 and 360 words. In May 2018 Reflex...


A Slack Rope

I travel from place to place. I settle for a while. I am settled, for the moment. I think about...

digital collage figure in seascape combined with text


‘Sometimes’ is a digital collage combining various drawings and paintings by Brigit, a monoprint by Jean-Louis and flash fiction by...

linocut scene of figures in wood


Daylight lingered around the wood, as if kept in place by a spell, but between the trees the light quickly...

Dividual Notes, Almost, 2014, digital art

The Park

I’m not going home tonight, I’m having too much fun. The park is full of people and I almost feel...

art studio renovation

The Studio

An impression of work started in 1994 on the old cottage which became our studio.

drawing group of figures

April Studies

A series of studies that take old life-drawing sketches as a starting point. I add lines over the sketches and...