About ‘The Red Curtain’

My children went to a small, rural school located close to the hill which gives its name to our village. The vast majority of Ireland’s primary schools is catholic and for my boys, coming from a non-religious background, starting school meant an introduction to religious stories and visits to the nearby church. They were, certainly at first, fascinated and sometimes confused.

One day my youngest son, came home from school and talked about his trip to the church that day. His little face turned rather serious when he announced, ‘I know where Jesus lives! In the church, behind the red curtain!’ He clearly figured out an answer to one of the question marks he carried around.

When I worked on a painting named Window, I thought about stained glass windows and when talking about it with Tobias the memory of my youngest son’s ‘discovery’ resurfaced. It then became the inspiration for Tobias to write a short story. The Red Curtain.